Tear Lab

Opticians - specialist tear lab - PortsmouthPeople suffering from dry, irritable or watery eyes are now being given the opportunity to identify the cause through the examination of their tears. Anne Gill Eyecare is the only opticians in Hampshire to have invested in ‘Tear Lab’, which measures the ‘osmolarity’ (or content) of human tears to aid the diagnosis of Dry Eye Disease.

Dry Eye is the most common eye problem out there, but it usually goes undiagnosed when people put it down to tiredness or stress. There are few things more distressing than the constant discomfort of itchy, sore or painful eyes and Anne Gill Eyecare are now in a unique position to help manage it.

When some people begin a treatment for Dry Eye, it can initially cause increased discomfort as the nerve endings in the eye come back to life, so the patient assumes it isn’t working and gives up. With TearLab, we can monitor and show the patient that the eye is getting better and this gives them the strength to persevere.

The technology has been fully tested, trialed and is now being led by Anne and her lead optometrist, Julie Wadey.